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Confident Sheraj Garden

"CONFIDENT SHERAJ GARDEN " is situated on the west of Shuchana Community Center and Mohammadpur Krishi Market. The location of the project is surrounded by all the basic and necessary amenities that a dweller needs, such as- school, Colleges University, hospitals, shopping centers and other facilities including public transportation.

Project brief

This building, House # 58, Road # 05, P.C. Culture Housing Society, (Shekertek) Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207 is of One plus six storied with lobby and stair. It Contains 06 flats one in each floor.

The ground floor is reserved for Car Parking with Office room, Guard room, Electric and Generator room. Driver's rest room and common toilet facilities. Intercom connection from Guard room to each apartment is also provided.

In addition:

(a) Adequate cross ventilation and natural lighting in all the apartments have been planned.

(b) Roof-top will be available to all the occupants for community functions with the consent of the management committee for the apartment complex.

(c)All possible steps have been taken for the safety and strength of the building as per ACI Code.

(d) The building is in a flood free zone.

e) One lift from a reputed company will be provided.

(f) A standby generator connection will be provided for stairways, passages and three light points (master bed, Drawing cum Dining room and Kitchen) & one fan point in drawing room in every apartments for incidental failure of electric supply.

(g) Large underground water reservoir with one water lifting pump.

(h) Sewerage and drainage system will be connected with WASA main line.

(i) Concealed electric wiring.


Feature & Amenities Of Apartment

Apartment Features:

Structure: "RCC Frame" structure. (Designed as per ACI Code)

Materials to be used:

(a) Frame with stone chips/Brick chips. (Foundation and Column will be Stono Chips and Beam & Slab will be good quality Brick chips).

(b) Portland Cement (Fresh/Shah Special/Akij/Equivalent).

(c) Good Quality Sylhet Sand and Local Sand.

(d) Deformed bar (SASIAKS/BSRMKSRM/Equivalent).

Walls: All interior and exterior walls will be 5" brick work with plaster. The walls and the ceiling will have white plastic paint & outside of the wall will have coloured white durocem.

Roof: Reinforced concrete Roof.

Floor: All floors will be of 16'x16" Homogeneous lilos(Fu-wang/cbc/MIR/RAKLocal).

Doors: Main entrance shutters will be decorative solid tick chamble wood (locally available), Internal doors and kitchan doors will be of Veneered partex doors Verandah doors will be of solid mehugoni wood and toilet doors will be readymade solid plastic door.

Chowkat: Main door chowkat will be of tick chamble wood. All room Chowkats will be of Local wood (Silikori/Mehugoni/Local) and Balh Chowkat will be of plastic readymade chowkat. Windows: All windows will be of 3 (Alco/Alfa/Pariston/BTAKAI) Sliding with 5mm glass.


• Double burner gas outlet over concrete platform to support the burner.

• Single tray single ball sink will be provided.

• Suitably placed exhaust fan.

• Locally made 12x12" homogeneous tiles in concrete platform and wall wilN have 8'x12"glazed ceramic tiles up to 7 (Seven) Feet Height (Fu-Wang/MIR/cbc/RAKLocal) will be provided.

• Floor will be of 12"x12 homogeneous tiles (Fu-wang/MIR/cbc/RAK/Local).

                      ( there are many facilities that not included)

Terms & Conditions

Agreements: The Company and the purchasers will be required to execute an agreement for safeguarding the interests of the purchaser as well as the company. The allottees will become equally divisible undivided and undemarketed shareholders of total area of the scheduled land of the project in respective apartment.

Management of Common Facilities on Occupation: All purchasers must undertake to become members of the owners co- operative society, which will be formed by the owners of the apartments with due consent of Confident Properties Ltd. and should be endorsed by Confident Properties Ltd. The Society may decide to get registered under the co-operative Societies Act. 1940 or a Management Committee as may be decided by them for the management of common services and facilities like supply of electricity. water lifting pump, repair, maintenance and colour washing of the outside etc. Owners shall deposit Tk. 25,000/- (Taka Twenty Five thousand) onty for the Reserve Fund of the Society before taking possession of the apartment,

Remittance Procedure: The buyer may remit the money in the form of Bank Draft of T.T.directly to the Companies Current Account Basic Bank Lid. or Bank Asia Ltd. Shynmoli Branch, Dhaka, In case of foreign money the buyer may remit the money in the form of USD Draft or T.T. remittance directly to the above bank with a request to sell the funds under wage earner scheme and Credit the proceeds to the above account. In case of U.S Dollar remittance the installment amount may vary due to the fluctuation of wage earner rates which will be on account of the buyer. Any shortfall due to such fluctuation will have to be reimbursed by the buyer.

Hand Over: The possession of each apartment and parking space shall be duly handed over to the allotee within two months on completion and full payment of installment and other charges and dues. Prior to this the possession of the apartment will remain with the company. After completion of the flats if any buyer has not taken new position of his flal, nevertheless, all utility, security and other charges will be borne by the flat owners equally form the date of compilation of the flats.


Project Details

  • Start Date:2017-07-01
  • End Date: 2019-06-30
  • Location: House: 58, Road:05, PC Culture Housing Society, Shekhertek, Adabor,Mohammadpur, Dhaka- 1207.
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